Kaizen Progression and Continuous Improvement

Adapting Continuous Improvement Tools to fit the Situation Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning “improvement”, or “change for the better” – referring to the entire Continuous Improvement process. Lean Enterprise is modeled after the Toyota Production System, and most Lean Tools were generated at Toyota. A Lean Transformation is a journey taken by an organization […]

Change Management

Who wants to change?  Nobody, really.  Change is threatening.  Change is difficult.  We tend to get comfortable with the status quo – “go with the flow”.  Trim the sails a little, perhaps, to accommodate slight change in prevailing winds and business currents.  Corporate leaders have built the organization in their image – so far they […]

The Culture Beast

Culture is a living embodiment of what the organization is – reflecting its past, its current customs, and foretelling its future – culture is a beast.  Culture is defined as a “blend of the values, beliefs, taboos, symbols, rituals and myths all companies develop over time” – governing how people interact and even determining the […]

Leader Standard Work

“The culture of a company is the behaviour of its leaders.  Leaders get the behaviour they exhibit and tolerate. You change the culture of a company by changing the behaviour of its leaders. You measure the change in culture by measuring the change in personal behaviour of its leaders and the performance of the business.” […]

Employee Training

What if we train them and they leave? The importance of a well trained workforce cannot be overstated.  A well trained workforce is the link between the company’s technology and the customer.  A well trained workforce combined with process improvement can reduce the need for specialized labor and pass down skills and decision-making to the […]

Lean Primer

Many of us are new to Lean Manufacturing.  This is to help orient you to what we are trying to do.   In traditional supply and demand models, uneven demands are amplified – little spikes are seen as big ones, subsequent overproduction results in delays in true demand items.  Unmodified supply chains usually have excess inventory, […]

Transforming Lean Through Middle Managers

Interview with Paul Yandell, President of Value Stream Focus LLC interview by Joe Dager of Business 901 on April 2, 2011.  See and hear original interview at Transforming Lean Thru Middle Managers” (http://business901.com/blog1/transforming-lean-thru-middle-managers/) Paul Yandell:  When I talk about managing from below, I speak to middle managers; I was a resident with them. Most of us […]

The Four Drivers of the Lean Enterprise

A simple Model for Transforming your Organization Lean Manufacturing or Just in Time, was originally developed at Toyota. The main thrust of Lean Manufacturing is to identify and eliminate waste at all levels of the production process. Waste can be defined as any activity that does not add value to the finished product or service, […]

Lean Transformation to improve the Value Proposition

What is Value? Value is something a customer is willing to pay for:  processes that change or improve the product or service offered add value.  Anything else is considered waste.  It may be work, but it does not add value.  The 8 forms of waste we strive to eliminate are: Over Production:  The mother of […]