About Value Stream Focus LLC

It’s all about change management.  Value Stream Focus employs Lean Manufacturing Tools to help companies to unlock the value in their organization, growing people, processes, and product.  We specialize in the Lean Enterprise, focusing on identifying value streams within your organization, and then identify and remove waste in each stream.  The result is people working smarter, not harder, focusing their efforts on value added activities and resulting in a focused organization, bigger profits and higher customer satisfaction levels.

Founder and President Paul Yandell, has over 30 years in Operations Management, with both Line and Staff responsibilities.  He led a lean transformation that won the 2007 Pacific Northwest Silver Medallion Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing.  Business Week called the Shingo Prize the “Nobel Prize for Manufacturing”.

Call 760-500-6006 or email pryandell@valuestreamfocus.com to learn more about our Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma consulting services or a free consultation.


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